Rising Star! Kate Gelbart

August 10, 2017
Kate Gelbart

Intern for Las Vegas Women’s Magazine, concert photographer for bands like Blink-182, Art Tech photographer for Life is Beautiful, model and cosmetologist… all before high school graduation.While some teenagers are perusing Buzzfeed in their free time (which everyone is guilty of), Kate Gelbart was busy building out a portfolio and establishing her career. As a student at Southeast Technical Career Academy, Kate was already well on her way towards a Cosmetology license before even turning sixteen.She happened upon Dot Vegas while at the Metro Chamber Expo, and she was intrigued. By the time she went to register her domain, the discount code from the Expo had expired. However, with one email exchange to Dot Vegas, Kate was given her own personal discount code to ensure her portfolio could be launched and could be, rightfully, Vegas Proud.Kate was aware that .com might have been the expected route for her website. It had crossed her mind. However, Kate wanted to tie into the local Las Vegas art scene and represent her Vegas roots. Having been born and raised in Las Vegas with her parents working and having met https://www.kamagraa.fr/levitra.php each other at Treasure Island, Vegas has been a constant for her. With Vegas Domains, Kate can illustrate the importance of local business, community, and her home town to all her clientele.Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for a video spot highlighting Vegas Domain user Kate Gelbart and her work.  In the meantime, if you are interested in learning more about Kate or hiring her in any one of her disciplines, you can find her work at www.kategelbart.vegas

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