Don’t let it lapse!

January 31, 2014

Comedian Louis C.K. on why you shouldn’t let your domain name registration expireFunnyman Louis C.K. is a well-known and respected comedian and writer, and with more than a few television shows, writing credits and stand up specials under his belt he knows a thing or two about self-promotion. He pioneered a now common practice of self-releasing stand up specials online direct from the comic to their audience. Much of his business model relies on name recognition and the ease with which his fans can find him online.With that said, he made a recent appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to plug a movie he made more than a decade ago and in the process brought up an important tidbit about managing your brand online… don’t lose your preferred domain name extension and allow someone to scoop up your hard earned web traffic!Skip to 6:56 of this clip for the bit about domains. Or if you have about eight and a half minutes to spare, watch the whole interview.

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